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The industrial world continues to be inundated by vast volumes of waste of every form. As the world's population increases, so does the waste it generates. The Gasification process will help to solve this environmental problem in an affordable and economic way that will also protect the public health and safety for generations to come. The need for a solution to the impending waste crisis is evidenced by the increasing 200 million tons of hazardous waste generated annually in the US. alone. An additional 13 billion tons per year of nonhazardous waste are also generated in the US. This daunting problem will be magnified by an exponential US. population growth that will exceed one half billion people in 60 years time. The overall dollar value of potential necessary clean up worldwide amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. For example, the US. hospital market alone...and this is only one narrow market about 5 billion dollars.

Reconvert able Commodity Products

We turn the MSW or other waste in to Syngas or steam to run our boilers to make electricity

you can see the process in action on out slide show.


Superior Environmental Performance...

he superiority of the Gasification environmental performance is an important market driver and is reinforced by comments made by EPA Administrator Carol Browner. Browner recently announced the idea of producing a first-time standard for dioxin to be set at 30 nanograms per cubic meter of air. The Gasification  Converter achieves remediation levels 12.5 million times safer than this new anticipated standard. Rigorous scientific testing by outside labs has proven that the Plasma Waste Converter's performance is far safer than US. and Canadian environmental standards by orders of magnitude. The Gasification Waste Converter will allow the promulgation of new standards for a cleaner and safer environment, and for the improvement of the public health and safety.

50 times more MSW per year


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